Thinking about leaflet printing in Luton? Leaflets and flyers are a tried and tested method of advertising, but that doesn’t mean every flyer will be successful. The sad fact is that most leaflets simply get ignored. Consumers in today’s world face a constant barrage of advertising, and the fierce competition means that you need to go above and beyond to grab attention.

Luckily, there are ways to stand out from the crowd…

Choose your headline

A headline will make or break your flyer. Studies suggest that 80% of readers don’t read past the headline, which means that if you can’t get attention, then the flyer (and all your hard work!) goes in the bin.

Sometimes simple is best. Even if it sounds generic, offers like sales and discounts work wonders — people want to know what you can do for them, and they want to know that reading further is worth their time.

Use the right language

So the headline caught the reader’s attention. Now what?

The text is where you communicate what your business is all about, and what makes you unique. In order to keep the reader’s interest, you need to deliver on the promise you made in the headline.

Knowing your audience is important — some may know the technical jargon in your sector, but many won’t. In order to make the information reach more people, simpler language can often be better. The right language can persuade, convey your brand identity, and help your audience connect with you all in one go.

Make it easy to read

The secret to a catchy flyer is making it clear and easy to read. Most people won’t stop to read the fine print, which means you need your key information easily accessible. Bullet points, headings, and short paragraphs will make sure your text is digestible and gets your message out there.

Additionally, the flyer needs to be easy on the eyes. Small print and overly bright colours will strain the readers’ eyes, so make sure the text is large enough and in a clear, readable font.

Use visuals

When it comes to flyers, the appearance is as important as the content. Images produce higher engagement because they help the brain retain information, and a design that evokes your brand identity helps the reader identify your business and builds brand association.

Professionalism is key. Good design leaves an impression and shows customers that your business is trustworthy and knowledgeable. 

When you want a professional design, it never hurts to go to the professionals. At the Treacle Factory, we’re no strangers to graphic design for print, and work with you to create your unique visual identity for your business.

Include a Call to Action

The Call to Action (CTA) is the next step that you want people to take after reading your flyer. 

Perhaps that means calling a number, checking out a website, or scanning a QR code. No matter what the method is, it needs to be easy to take the next step. If a reader is considering using your service or buying your product after reading the leaflet but doesn’t know what to do next, then they’ll most likely move on.

Before you print

There are a couple of things you should make sure of before you print. Firstly, your leaflet should have about 3mm of trim and 3mm of bleed area at each edge to ensure that none of your design is cut off in print. Secondly, remember to convert your file from RGB to CMYK before sending it off.

Leaflet printing

Once your flyer is designed, it’s time to print it and get it out into the world.

With extensive knowledge of printing in Luton, the Treacle Factory team can get your message out there. Why not take a look at our printing services, or get in touch for more information about leaflet printing?

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