First impressions are important, and there is nothing worse than a business with great potential fronted by an out-of-date logo generated by Microsoft Paint… 

Your logo is an essential part of your branding. It is the face of your company that will appear on business cards, websites, packaging and social media channels. As such, it’s essential that your logo is punchy, impactful and memorable. This blog post will explore how a great logo can elevate your business, and with the help of our logo designer team in Luton, you can create the perfect branding that reflects your business values.

So, how can great logo design transform your business? It will:

1. Help identify your brand

Your brand identity is the material expression of your company that communicates brand ownership. In addition to your logo, this could be through your business colour scheme, typography, or your images and signage. 

Locate your company personality, beliefs and values, and brainstorm how this can be visually conveyed. According to statistics, consistent brand representation across digital platforms can boost your business revenue by 23%. A well-designed logo that aligns with your company beliefs will pique the interest of potential customers, and a consistent logo will be more likely to stick in customer memory. 

A poorly designed logo that fails to properly communicate your business message risks alienating a potential customer before you’ve even started.

2. Reach your target audience

As your business fosters loyalty between company and consumer, your logo will become more familiar to your customers. Think of your favourite brands. Whether you’re reaching for a Starbucks coffee, putting on your trusty Converse or a pair of comfy Levi jeans, you are drawn to that particular logo and name when you shop. 

As consumers, we gravitate towards brands we trust, particularly the ones that we know we’ll be paying for a reliable and dependable product. Think of your business —  who do you want to put trust in you and why? Once consumers like you, your business will be sought after again and again, and your logo will be the first thing customers look for.

3. Help you stand out from the competition

Before you start creating your logo with your designer, do your research! There is nothing worse than completing an attractive logo, only to realise that it matches with competing brands. 

Don’t be afraid to be different, stand out! Separate yourself from competitors by incorporating an edge to your logo that makes your business stand out. Are you sustainable, creative or a little bit alternative? Illustrate your differences on your logo, this will amplify your brand’s individuality and improve click traction to your company website. 

Remember, your logo is an opportunity to show consumers that you are not just any business, you are a better business than any of your other competitors.

Speak to an expert logo designer in Luton

Not everyone is tech-savvy, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and design a company logo as well as run a business. You might wonder what software you need, worry you don’t have the digital skills or get confused about which printer you need!

Don’t worry, that’s where Treacle Factory comes in. If you’re looking for advice from a top logo designer in Luton, get in touch. Our friendly team can help come up with a fresh and eyecatching logo that encompasses your brand and draws customers. 

Alongside logo design, we also offer SEO support, leaflet printing, and web design services in and around Luton.

Our branding experts can help you create a unique business identity that sets you apart. If we sound like your slice of treacle tart, get in touch. 

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