Digital signage is a rapidly-growing marketing tool used by businesses worldwide to sell a broad range of products and services. From interactive boards in shopping centres through to signage in restaurants and retail outlets in general, this trend shows no sign of abating.

But what are the benefits of digital signage for your restaurant in Luton and which steps should you take next?

Run Ads At Specific Times Of The Day

Instead of running a static ad, use digital signage to feature time-relevant products. In the morning, tempt customers in with images of hot black coffee, crispy bacon and hash browns – then, in the afternoon, photos of lunchtime favourites like pizza, chips, and burgers.

Bolster Your Marketing Campaigns

Big brand names like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut often reuse elements of their nationwide marketing campaigns in-store, ensuring coverage at the local level too. Would you like to find out more? At Treacle Factory, we help customers with website design in Luton and SEO – resulting in fully joined-up campaigns that work.

Monitor & Adapt Your Digital Tactics

Updating digital signage is easy. If a specific message or promotion isn’t hitting the sweet spot with your customers, you can remove it with a single button click and replace it with something else. Testing and adapting couldn’t be easier using this method.

Digital Signage Is Surprisingly Affordable

Digital ads can be produced faster and with less effort than other methods – therefore cutting down production time and saving costs. This option is therefore ideal for restaurants with tight marketing budgets – or any other business seeking an affordable way to reach its customers.

A Proven Marketing Technique That Works

As studies have shown, people remember ads they’ve seen on digital signs – so using this method is ideal for any business or organisation keen to build brand awareness.

Introducing Treacle Factory – Your Trusted Design, Print, Digital Partner

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to successfully promote their products and services – and would love to help yours too.

With experience spanning web design, printing, exhibition and events, and much more, we’re ideally placed to support your marketing needs.

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Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

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