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At a time when most trade shows have come to a complete standstill, it was a refreshing opportunity to help FlareBright, as they prepared to exhibit at AWE20 earlier this month. The event is hosted by the British Army to identify emerging technologies that are suitable for rapid exploitation.

FlareBright a start-up technology business that has developed SnapShot – an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capable of providing aerial images without the need for a drone. This pioneering solution is fully autonomous and is literally thrown into the air before returning to the user.

To demonstrate the technology, FlareBright created an infographic to display at the event, alongside this cutting-edge technology.  We advised them to use a 1.5 metre-wide roll-up banner as a lightweight, portable and inexpensive way to showcase their product. The result was an impressive visual illustration of how the product works, forming a focal point for those visiting the stand.

SnapShot has proven to be extremely effective in a military environment and attending AWE20 gave FlareBright an amazing opportunity to raise their profile in their key target market.

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