The Mall Luton

Balancing the need for social distancing with providing a positive guest experience is a challenge for shopping centre operators. Whilst seating has been removed to control distances between shoppers, some still need a place to rest, especially the elderly and expectant mothers.

The Mall shopping centre in Luton wanted to return some of their public seating, specifically for their priority customers and needed some signage to help manage this. Whilst stickers are the simplest option to display a notice, there is still the temptation for some shoppers to ignore this and occupy the seat.

Working with Treacle Factory, The Mall was able to develop a sign that prevents the seat from being used at the same time as displaying the accompanying message. These wedge-shaped seat signs will be cable tied in place to ensure seating is available to those most in need, whilst ensuring they are socially distanced.

This is part of a wide range of measures, that includes a one-way system, hand sanitising stations and a rigorous cleaning programme through the shopping centre.

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