The Crown of Route 66

When taking over The Crown public house in Dunstable, proprietor Steve Miller wanted to create an American themed bar, incorporating the famous ‘Route 66’ name. After creating the visual identity with Treacle Factory, Steve was looking for something to create a ‘wow factor’ as customers entered the bar.

We spoke about a range of options including various illumination styles, before settling on something that would have the desired affect and was within the available budget. Steve chose contour cut lettering that was mounted to a white sign tray, will LED lights embedded in a channel behind the cut out shapes.

Known as a ‘halo’ style of lighting, the illumination is behind the letters that creates contrast in colour and depth to the sign. All that was needed was a quick survey of the venue before the sign could be manufactured off-site and then delivered by the installation team.

The installers arrived and fitted the sign, along with some window frosting that was applied to the front window bay, and some other external graphics to replace the existing signs.

Instantly Steve’s customers noticed the sign and have already begun commenting on how it creates a great impression as they enter. Steve is delighted with the result and feels he made the right decision when selecting the perfect way to create a highly impactful first impression to all that visit The Crown of Route 66.

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