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Fleece Vest with Contrasting Collar, Zip Closure & Two Zip Front Pockets. Available in M, L, Xl, Xxl. Colours: Black & Black M, Black & Black L, Black & Black Xl, Black & Black Xxl, Red & Dark Blue M, Red & Dark Blue L, Red & Dark Blue Xl, Red & Dark Blue Xxl, Green & Black M, Green & Black L, Green & Black Xl, Green & Black Xxl, Dark Blue & Red M, Dark Blue & Red L, Dark Blue & Red Xl, Dark Blue & Red Xxl, Orange & Black M, Orange & Black L, Orange & Black Xl, Orange & Black Xxl, Grey & Black M, Grey & Black L, Grey & Black Xl, Grey & Black Xxl, Blue & Black M, Blue & Black L, Blue & Black Xl, Blue & Black Xxl. Minimum Quantity: 25

SKU: SC00153920

If applicable, please let us know your prefered options on colour / sizes to be quoted on. If you wish to have multiple colours / sizes please list the quantities along side in the input field below

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