Today, competition is tight in many different sectors. Whether you’re setting up a business in retail, hospitality or tourism, investing in graphic design is one of the best ways to ensure business growth. Crafting a website with a contemporary design is important because it helps drive customers to your business, both online and in-person, steadily building your brand and image.

At Treacle Factory, we specialise in a range of design services; from design for print and logos to web design – we can help you curate a website with a unique aesthetic.

Want to understand the importance of graphic design for a modern business? Read on to learn why effective graphic design is key to building a successful website.

Building Trust

What do you tend to do if you click on an old fashioned and clunky website? For most users, the overall look of a website’s appearance can make all the difference when it comes to the question of staying on or leaving a site.

According to a study, 94% of internet users reject a website if it has poor web design, rather than poor content. One of the reasons for this is a poorly designed website makes the business owner seem unprofessional – if your website is badly designed then what will your products or service be like?

Outdated web designs also have a reputation of potentially being a dodgy website, prompting further distrust in your site. If we truly do eat with our eyes then a website needs to look appetising.

Our graphic design expertise allows us to craft sites with strong identities that draw users in. The result? Engaged site visitors who return for more and a professional brand image that only helps your business.

Improved SEO

As mentioned above, if you have a badly designed website then it’s likely that users will struggle to find the content they’re looking for, and bounce back to search results. Graphic design is important as it can help prevent this from happening as often. If you neglect this area when building your website, you risk dramatically harming your search engine optimisation (SEO).

This is because Google’s algorithms take into account the length of time that people spend on a site. If most users bounce off the site quickly, then Google’s crawlers will take this as a sign that your site is of low value, therefore ranking you lower on its search engine page.

At Treacle Factory, we can provide a graphic design package that works for you, ensuring your website provides an enjoyable and informative user experience.

Building a Brand

There is a lot of competition out there. Unless you’re in a really niche field, the chances are that you have a business competitor waiting to steal customers away from you. Investing in graphic design can help build a unique brand that is individual to you, ensuring you remain current and don’t blend into a sea of mediocre competitors.

Ready to discuss our various design options for your brand? Contact us for a chat.

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