If you want to elevate your marketing, you need to up your point of sale game. A great POS system will engage your customers and create a fantastic experience in your bar, restaurant or retail premises. But do you know the best way to maximise your POS without overwhelming your customers?

Here’s everything you need to know about point of sale to make your in-store marketing more effective.

What makes POS marketing so great?

POS marketing is all about the customer-product interactions that take place where your sales happen. Clever merchandising displays and effective signage provide a last-minute way to influence purchasing decisions.

It works because you already have a captive audience. You’re selling to customers already in your store or restaurant. Buyers who’ve already decided to purchase something and can be persuaded to buy more – so long as it’s inexpensive or something your customers can justify purchasing.

No one likes queueing, so why not make it a fun experience with engaging and must-have products? POS displays have universal appeal so give your customers a chance to get their hands on a bargain of the week or a great 2 for 1 deal.

How can I make POS work for my business?

We’ve put together five strategies that are simple and straightforward to execute. Before you decide what’s most effective for your business, here’s what to think about when putting together your POS display:

What’s the best way to highlight your product? Don’t be afraid to take chances with your displays.

Be practical and don’t overcrowd a limited space. Ensure customers can easily access the products you’re promoting, and staff can restock and tidy up without disrupting the queue.

You may have a captive audience, but you still want to enhance the customer experience with bold and effective displays that entice buyers from across the store.

Your top five POS strategies

Think Sephora

The beauty giant has POS marketing nailed with racks of affordable sample size products right by the tills. Picking up a few less expensive items is justified if you can give them added value for your customers.

Cleverly themed displays or low-cost promotions are crucial to making this strategy effective. Retail display units are an attractive and effective way to create your POS displays.

Showcase your promos

Have you identified a product that isn’t selling well? Or do you have stock you need to shift before next season? Window and floor graphics are a great way to direct customers towards that must-have special offer at your POS.

Promote other promotions

Are you hosting an event? Or looking to expand your mail list with a newsletter? Perhaps you’re trying to upsell a better bottle of red for steak night? Tent cards and table talkers are a great way to engage customers at the point of interaction and purchase. Just don’t overwhelm them with too many signs and offers. Customers crave simplicity and clarity as part of the overall experience.

Create buzz

Your POS display doesn’t have to be at the point of sale. Try using bold and attention-grabbing poster displays throughout the store, so you create buzz about your POS promotions before your customer even finds themselves at the till.

Shrink your displays

In most shops, there’s not a lot of space available around the till. Think about shrinking your signage, so it integrates with a display and draws the customer’s attention towards those smaller items. They may not have needed a snack or a lip balm, but the chances are they’ll leave with one as a result of your POS displays.

Want to know how you can optimise your POS displays? Get in touch with us at Treacle Factory, and we’ll be happy to help.

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